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Santokh Birk

“I am certain Keen will be a strong addition to West Vancouver Council. He is energetic, adaptable, analytical, and solution-driven. He holds very high standards for himself with respect to ethics and professionalism, and I think he will bring a fresh perspective and do what's right for West Vancouver."

Dr. Paul Sugar 

“I met Keen in difficult circumstances. My history with him and my instincts tell me he would be an excellent council member in West Vancouver. His education and love for the outdoors will help him keep balanced to maintain the West Vancouver we all care about. I know him to be honest, straightforward, focused, and caring. A few years in politics will not likely rid him of those good qualities as it generally does.”

Charles Mayers

"I have known Keen Lau for over 30 a young boy, a growing teenager, and now as an adult neighbour. Keen is a family man and a special kind of person who cares deeply about his community. From his ideas on traffic solutions, responsible building rules, better care for the elderly, improving Hollyburn Mountain trails, or simply working towards a greater West Vancouver. This is the Keen Lau that I know. Throughout the years, I have seen Keen's interest in improving our community, and I firmly believe that he would be an effective and knowledgeable addition to West Vancouver's city council."

Helen Wang

“Keen is very passionate about all aspects of life. He is a sport enthusiast and loves to help people. He is always willing to provide help to his friends, his neighbors, and even people he doesn’t know. He spreads his positivity to people around him and inject courage and happiness into other people’s lives."

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