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My Platform

1 / Tackling Housing Crisis

  • Enhanced engagement with the West Vancouver residents and businesses, enable Council to act on the residents' sentiment and feedback. Respectful two-way communication.

  • The lack of new homes to market is one of the major reasons affecting affordability.  Streamline municipal building application and approval process to expedite the increase in housing supply.

  • New homes must be created in conjunction with transportation and climate change considerations.

2 / Transportation and Sustainable growth for the District of West Vancouver
  • We must have public transportation connecting Squamish to Vancouver ASAP.  

  • Construction schedules should avoid peak traffic hours.  

  • Traffic from Whistler goes has its peak seasons and during those peak seasons we need to look at providing public transportation access.

  • Active Transportation (transit, biking, & walking) contributes to easing traffic congestion. Expanding bike network to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Related benefits are:

    1. Health – healthier lifestyle equates to a better quality of life and less strain on our medical system. Research shows that aerobic exercise, for example, cycling, may slow down neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease.

    2. Safety – safe transportation routes will encourage bicycle usage and walking.

    3. Neighbour Engagement – let's get out on walks and cycling with our neighbours.

    4. Environmental – lower carbon emissions and reduce traffic congestion.

3 / Fiscal Accountability
  • Tax dollars must be allocated cost-effectively with a cohesive community growth mindset considering all areas of West Vancouver.

  • Take a prudent cost-benefit approach to all expenditures before the municipal Council.

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